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Welcome to Caribbean Water Technologies (CWT)

CWT is a company based in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) specializing in the development of advanced freshwater purification technology. I am Nimon Bondurant, the CEO of Bondurant Technologies International and the inventor of a groundbreaking technology known as "Caripur H2O" or "Caribbean Pure Water."

My sole mission is to address the world's water problems and find solutions for them. We initially embarked on this journey in the U.S. Virgin Islands, aiming to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic bottled water by utilizing the abundant natural resource provided by rainfall. Our technology goes beyond water purification; it also enables us to analyze air and water quality, enhancing our understanding of their interrelationship and their impact on both the drinking water quality and the equipment we design. In essence, these insights enable us to create more effective and sustainable devices.

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