Collaborating with the University of the virgin islands 

This exciting partnership between UVI and Caribbean Water Technologies supports a local business dedicated to making life better for Virgin Islanders. The partnership also provides critical hands-on research opportunities for the next generation of USVI scientists and engineers being trained at UVI.

What Is Caripur H2O?

Caripur In Use 

Fire Station
firehouse - Copy.jpg
Quad of 4 Homes
Villa, St. Thomas USVI
Private Home Single Family

Setting Up Caripur Is simple

Step 1

Plumber installs the unit

Step 2

Pipes in the home/business are flushed out with bleach

Step 3

Wait 3 hours for the bleach to work

Step 4

Slowly flush out each faucet

Step 5

Enjoy clean water

Girl Drinking Water

Our Devices

  • Whole house/business water purifiers

  • Removes; microbes, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals, pesticides, color, odor, and flavor

  • Binary Star water quality alert system with real-time access via App or Desktop

  • Salt-Free water hardness removal 

  • Low operating pressure and self-cleaning

  • Solar or AC/DC compatible, with battery backup for internal pumps 

  • Factory tested, consumer, proven trouble-free operation

  • automatic operation, Machine Learning controlled onboard computer

  • Remote monitoring capabilities, allows our technicians to monitor system

  • Efficient - Can purify up to 264Gal/1m³ of water at an approx. cost of $0.10USD

Caripur H2O 005.png
  • Capacity 5-10 gallons per minute

  • Item dimensions (LWH) 6 x 33 x 43 inches

  • Water alert technology

  • Electrical and/or solar compatible

Small to Medium Home

Caripur H2O 010.png
  • 10-15 gallons per minute

  • Item Dimensions (LWH) 12 x 33 x 43 inches

  • Water alert technology

  • Electrical and/or solar compatible

Large Home/Commercial

  • Capacity 20+ gallons per minute

  • Internal water softner

  • Water alert technology

  • Electrical and/or solar compatible

Caripur LUX


Caripur is Loved by users

Gershwain 2.jpg

Gershwain Sprauve


What an amazing piece of equipment! Water quality and taste is superior, and I wish I had this in place a long time ago.


Brice Orange

We at the Etelman Observatory Research Center of the University of the Virgin Islands are immensely pleased with our Caripur unit,

Our Story

Caribbean Water Technologies and Caripur H2O was created out of a need to fix one problem. the lack of clean drinking water. We have been extended the exclusive rights from Bondurant Technologies to engineer, manufacture, assemble, market, and sell their entire line of advanced water purification technology. This technology was designed specifically to meet an array of water purification needs. Starting in April 2021, our company will offer advanced ultrafiltration and nanofiltration-based, water purification devices and appliances for homes and businesses, disasters recovery, medical and missionary work, water recycling, camping, RVs, and boats. These technologies will be assembled in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands for export worldwide.

Invented in 2016

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